Fauna Australis research aims to understand the ecology of the species, humans attitudes and values towards wildlife, the landscape dynamics and humanánimal interactions in  the Anthropocene. We aspire to find creative solutions to increase opportunities for biodiversity to thrive, recover or sustain their ecological actions and ecosystems services that they provide.

We us all sorts of techniques, methods and intense fieldwork in the most remotes areas of Chile and elsewhere. Our lab is nature and we collect data from real natural conditions and then we applied up to date analysis to interpret the biological meaning of our findings.

Fauna Australis vision gives high priority to share our results with the whole community while we aspire to publish our work in the best journals of each discipline.

To broaden our influence in society we use social media like Twitter (@FaunaAustralis), Facebook (Fauna.Australis) and a website. Press, radio and TV are regularly reporting our work and expert opinion as well as documentaries and TV series have shown our work in Chile and globally.

The National Geographic series 72 animals most dangerous of Latin America is available in Netflix and shows our work about the impact of feral dogs in people, livestock and wildlife (chapter 5).

Also, a dedicated YouTube channel shows our own film production that explains specific projects about wildlife in Chile.





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