Guigna Project
Guigna Launch project

On the day Thursday March 20 was the launch of the project "Bridging the size and socio-cultural diversity for the conservation of the Guigna (Leopardus guigna): A strategy for its positive assessment by rural communities" of the Environmental Protection Fund of 2008 Comision Nacional del Medio Ambiente in the region of Araucania. The project is implemented by the founding partners such as San Cristobal and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile through Headquarters Villarrica and Australis Laboratory Animals of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry Engineering. In addition the center for breeding and rescue Andean Fauna and Illustrious Municipality of Pucon.

Under the slogan's take care and value our wildlife: Meet the Guigna, the project seeks to contribute to knowledge and disseminate biological species in a positive way in rural communities. The research aims to provide wildlife to the conservation of biodiversity strategy to explore regional populations, in areas not previously studied precordilleran of Araucanía.

Of the faculty involved Professor Cristian Bonacic, the research associate Nicholas Galvez (coordinator) and Felipe Hernandez (Performing Master's Thesis).