Ornithologists of Chile will bring in global census of tropical birds

The Union of Ornithologists of Chile, UNOCH, reported that it will engage in the conduct of the Census Neotropical Waterfowl that develops Wetlands International (WI). These surveys are supplemented by work being done at the global level and that takes place in the summer period (February) and another in the days of winter (July).

In parallel, UNOCH will continue with the census of wetlands that are made in every season using the methodology of WI.

According to UNOCH, these surveys are particularly important because the bird populations in Chile are very poorly studied and for many species there are no data on their movements, requirements, abundance or its real condition.

For the Census of winter, between 5 and July 20, the organization has prepared an extensive campaign in a way to add the information from birdwatchers around the country. The methodology for collecting data and the corresponding template can be downloaded from the page.