Seminar of the Environment Studies Diploma

The seminar of the Environment Studies Diploma is the last course to obtain the Academic Certificate in Environment Studies. This certificate has a multidisciplinary approach to the environments issues, having courses from different departments; Civil Engineering, Urbanism, Biology, Economy, Agronomy and Forestry. In the seminar, the students must integrate the different subjects of the certificate, doing a research or project related with the environment studies.

The objectives of the course are:

  1. Deepen in the state of knowledge of an environmental subject
  2. Develop an original research or a deep bibliographical discussion about an environmental issue.

Seminars of the first semester 2008:

Liquid industrials waste in the wine industry

  • Wind power station v/s HidroAysen
  • Water quality of Loa river
  • The new energetic horizon in Chile: Nuclear Energy
  • Recycling in Chile: Current situation and a proposal project
  • Bioethanol production from domiciliary solid waste
  • Environmental taxes and their implementation in Chile
  • Environmental education for 4th degree kids
  • Utilization and production of Jatropha curcas in rural areas of Chile, with social, environmental and economical objectives